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When I Don't Listen to my Intuition, Bad Things Happen.

One of the most frightening things in the world is to trust our intuition and follow that trusting. Our inner light is truly the way to a power greater than ourselves. When we are one with ourselves and our process, we are one with the universe. When we are one with ourselves, our lives seem to fall effortlessly into place. When we have the courage to trust our intuition, life begins to live itself. My intuition connects me with the voice I need to hear."

~Anne Wilson Schaef

I feel sooooooo blessed to have had the opportunity to present these past two weekends at Catharsis and LEAF . If you have never been to either of these events, I highly recommend attending both of them.

So what did I present on?????.......Of course, my favorite topic......INTUITION. I will probably blog about this topic hundreds of times! Hell I'm even writing a book on the topic.... AND... even still I have to say.....Many times it is VERY HARD for me to listen. Even as someone who swears by listening to my own intuition, I have a hard time following it's guidance.

An example I gave during these past two presentations relates to a current struggle. Over a year ago, I received a very strong intuitive message that it was time for my roommate to move out. At the time there was really no reason to listen to this message. We were getting along fine and she was helping pay my mortgage. It seemed like a win win. Why on earth would I listen to that intuitive guidance???? There was just no need......Well fast forward to present day... AND.... I feel like I am in a Jerry Springer episode.

My living situation has literally gotten so crazy that my roomate is calling the cops on me and my friends for the most outrageous reasons such as someone parking in front of the mailbox. The MORAL of the story is......HAD I listened to my intuition a year ago, I would have saved myself tremendous heartcahe and stress.

It's just so hard to listen though! I get it! When there's absolutely no outside evidence to follow this guidance why would we listen????? I'm so clear now especially after this last event, that when I don't listen to my Intuition, BAD THINGS HAPPEN. The Universe is always present, leading me and guiding me towards a better path. When I listen, my life unfolds effortlessly! When I don't, my life turns into a bad reality TV show.

What is your intuition telling you today? Take some time to tap in? I assure you that the Universe is whispering to you, and it ALWAYS had your best interest in mind. Even if you can't see why.

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