• Kara Kihm

The Power To Create Our Reality

Whoever you are, or what ever it is that you do, when you want something, it's because that desire originated in the soul of the Universe. And when you want something, all the Universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. ~The Alchemist

This year at Burning Man, I just had to venture out with my dearest friends to one of my favorite spots, Pink Mammoth. Approaching the stage I couldn’t wait to dance together and share in the pure bliss of the music. I hadn’t been back to this cherished spot since my last burn. As the music played, I sprinted to get closer to the stage and a memory flashed through my mind. As the scene replayed itself in my head, my draw dropped and I almost fell to the dusty floor.

It was 2014 and Roman (one of my dearest friends) and I had decided to take a day to explore together. Our favorite D.J. happened to be playing at Pink Mammoth and that was definitely a priority on our list of explorations. As we swayed to the music in front of the stage, I was captivated by the most beautiful child I had ever seen. She was around the age of three and looked like a little fairy with curly blonde hair, bright blue eyes and fair skin. Her father stood nearby watching as she pranced around on stage blowing bubbles into the audience. Recently separated from my husband and in my early 30’s I desperately longed for a daughter. I tried so hard while married to conceive and never could. I quickly pulled Roman over and pointed to the fairy child on stage. “One day I’m going to have a daughter just like that,” I declared with certainty in my voice. Roman laughed replying, “Well don’t marry a black man then,” (He’s black) and we continued on with our day of exploration.

As I gazed at the stage four years later, that same little fairy girl wasn’t there, but there was a little girl three years old with curly blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and fair skin. She was waiting for me when I returned home from Burning Man.

A few days after my declaration in 2014 without my knowing, I conceieved.

Shocked astonished and stunned by this memory, I ran to find Roman. Grabbing him by the shoulder I screamed, “Do you remember what I said last time I was here? DO YOU REMEMBER?” With wide eyes and a huge grin on his face, he replied in his very calm composed demeanor “I do!” I then proceeded to run around telling everyone and anyone I could find about this story. How was it possible that the next time I visited this same place what I had seen that day in 2014 had become my reality?"

When I returned home to Asheville the following week, I attended the book signing of my beloved friend, Dr. Michelle Shine. As Dr. Shine presented, she shared research from her book, Mana Gardening and everything came together.

As Dr. Shine shares in her book....We are Empowered beings to have the ability to manifest and CREATE OUR REALITY! Returning to the burn this year, I was in Awe of what my life had become. The deepest desires of my soul had manifested. The Universe had conspired to help me create my reality and my reality now involved a little fairy child just like the one I had been captivated by at Pink Mammoth in 2014.

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