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SUICIDE, Let’s talk about this controversial topic! It’s a big one and a VERY IMPORTANT ONE. I believe that it’s one of the most important topics out there…. With the tragic losses last year of public figures that we loved so dearly, the world was left wondering…..”How could this happen to people who had everything?....... How could this happen to people who had careers?......... people who had families?......people who were popular and loved?

The truth as we know it is, Suicide can happen to Anyone and Everyone. The reason that it seems so shocking when it happens, is because we aren’t talking about it. I’m willing to bet that if people were Open and Honest about their feelings, you’d be ASTOUNDED by who has felt so overwhelmed that suicide crossed their mind.

I don’t believe that suicide is the result of a mental pathology as much as I believe it is the result of the social construct of isolation and living in an individualist society. This phenomena is described by Gabor Mate as the "Myth of Normal" and has caused such deep isolation that we are too ashamed to share our feelings and reach out for help.

The truth is, your physician or therapist has possibly contemplated suicide. According to a recent ethics training that I attended....... social workers and doctors have the highest suicide rates. Yes, Normal, Educated, Psychologically Healthy People are the most likely to commit suicide.

A practitioner once came to see me for energy work. This person is actually one of the most stable people that I know. Sitting across from me, overwhelm consumed them as they shared, “The problems of the world are so vast. I’m not sure that I can help and heal at the rate that is needed. I’m completely overwhelmed and I feel suicidal.”

My heart ached with recognition. I saw myself in this practitioner. I recognized this feeling. I knew it deep in my soul. There have been many times in my life where the feeling of isolation and overwhelm is so intense that this feeling has washed over me. As a therapist once told me…..Suicidal ideation gives options and options can bring a feeling of relief.”

EMPATHY is the ultimate form of recognition. As we honestly share openly expressing our overwhelm I believe THAT is how we prevent suicide. When we don’t stay trapped in the cycle of isolation, we begin to see that we are not ALONE! We reduce shame, and we see that other “Normal” people have felt these feelings and had these thoughts.

As Brene Brown shares…….What if we were willing to acknowledge our own hurt and pain and in doing so make sure not to diminish the hurt and pain of others. Then we could CHANGE THE WORLD.

Your feelings are Valid! They are Normal! AND..... You are Not Alone!!!!

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