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Ashley Smith

Despite little sleep last night and a racing mind, when my alarm went off this morning, I got myself together, found a cute outfit, groomed my hair perfectly, applied make-up which I rarely rare do, but today it made me feel better and ate a good breakfast. On my way out the door, I stopped and looked in the mirror. Peering into my own eyes I thought, “Wow, you are Rocking It!” Despite the exhaustion, I looked professional, well groomed, and ready for the day.

Then it came time to leave the house and go out into the world! My car wouldn't start........ So I carried my daughter to school on my back. I did so Stomping through puddles in a rainstorm with winds blowing. When I finally figured out how to get to work, I arrived and went straight to the bathroom. It's no surprise when I looked in the mirror once again, I looked like a HOT MESS. My hair was drenched, frizzy, and all over the place........My clothes were sopping wet......... My make-up had smeared down my face...... AND..... I looked like I had been on an all bender.

Oooofffffff, what happened to the neatly groomed professional who had her shit together just a short while ago? As I sat looking in the mirror trying to make myself presentable for my first client, it dawned on me............

Life is MESSY.

Motherhood is MESSY!

Nature is MESSY!

Love is MESSY!

Families are MESSY.

Relationships and friendships are MESSY!

Writing is MESSY


Anyone who’s not living a complete facade or hiding behind an illusion will experience this messiness at some point in their life.

We can go from ROCKING it and looking fabulous one minute, to a HOT MESS the next. So today, I don’t look like I have it all together for my first client...... BUT as I just told my friend on the phone...... Sometimes......."IT'S NOT GONNA BE OK AND THAT'S OK."

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