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Leadership Through Our Personal Medicine

"A leader is best when people barely know he exists. When his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves." Lao Tzu.

Last month I was so privileged to attend a Women’s Leadership conference hosted by Lena and Anna, Shamanic Practitioners in Santa Fe. A passion of mine for a long time has been learning and diving into workshops and activities that promote growth and awakening. I do believe that I came to this form of consciousness to grow and take on the lessons that will further evolve my spirit. Offffff the lessons have been pretty painful, but as an energy worker I have a belief that what I don’t learn in this lifetime follows me into whatever is next at least on an energetic level. I often tell my dearest friend when difficult situations arise……”I am not taking this sh*t with me, so let’s do this! Let’s take this lesson on!” So I take on what I need to resolve while I’m a human here as Kara Kihm and do it as gracefully as possible. Quite often doesn’t look so pretty. Actually, it can be a pretty messy process for me, but with the help of guides and inspiration along the way I keep trucking.

I extend gratitude and thanks for Lena and Anna who have served as my guides for years as I’ve read and tuned into their website and the monthly Power Path…..

I absolutely love the theme for this month.... “Creative Pragmatism”... and the opportunities that will arise for each of us personally……

“This month is about facing your fears with maturity and being willing to try something new and different to resolve old problems and challenges. Focus on creativity as an energy instead of as a means to manifest something and bring this energy into any process of coming up with a plan, idea, decision or choice. At this time it is practical to let go of old attachments no matter how difficult or challenging that may be. It is practical to listen to your inner voice of truth connected with your intuition that “knows” on a deeper level what you need. It is practical to listen to your own wisdom and allow it to influence your choices instead of listening to what others think. You can seek advice but then make sure to filter that advice through your own inner knowing and truth about what is right for you.

We are taking last month’s “mature responsibility” theme to a new level by adding the creative process of breaking through to the next chapter on your path of growth and evolution. You have an opportunity to become much more comfortable in your own skin and much more confident in who you are and what your role is on this planet in this lifetime. You will need to keep good boundaries, stay in your own lane, and watch your energy leaks.”

What a blessing it was to receive wisdom from them in person. Some concepts that I hold dear to my heart from the conference, flow well with the theme for this month. As we become more comfortable in our own skin, build our confidence, tap into our inner knowing, and learn our role on this planet, we have access to leadship in new ways. As Lena and Anna shared...."Leadership is proactive. The path of a leader is about knowing what your direction is and moving towards it. If you know what you want from your life than support will follow.” Being a great leader means healing what needs to be healed within ourselves first and then allowing our growth to ripple into the world. We lead by example. We don’t have to be CEO’s of a major company or in the spotlight to be leaders. It is absolutely possible to live a quiet simple life while leading.

Our personal power to lead comes from within. It’s not something that someone else can give us and it’s not based on accomplishments. Our personal power comes from our own generator inside. It is based on our inner wisdom and our personal medicine.

I love the idea that we each come to this form of consciousness with personal medicine. Our medicine is our gift that we share with the world. Our medicine is a vibration that is uniquely ours. It’s not something that we do or that we need to accomplish. It’s based on the natural abilities that we bring with us to earth. It’s who you are in your essence. We each have our own talents and gifts. We are all gifted in our own way. Some of us may be poets, some may be singers, some may be CEO”S, some may be nice, and some may be funny. What ever it is that we come to share with the world let's tap into that today.

I’d love to encourage a writing exercise. If you find a few minutes of quiet time today, I invite you to journal about the following questions……

1. What is my personal medicine?

2. How does my personal medicine make me a leader?

3. How can I share my medicine with the world today?







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