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Trauma can be a potent force for spiritual awakening- Steve Sisgold

It's been a month since my brother has passed away. It's hard to imagine actually. I'm still not sure that the events that took place one month ago feel real. The cycles of anger, sadness, rage, joy, appreciation, and loneliness have pulsated through every cell of my body in a foreign rhythm.......

Shortly after Jonathan's death a friend texted me...........

"Otan Osa, translates from finnish as....I take a piece. My condolences for your loss. Our hearts are with you."

As I reflect on his words I feel so deeply and keenly aware of how tragedy and devastatingly horrific events, bring more love and kindness into the world than I could have ever dreamed. I feel exactly those sentiments.....In these dark times, I feel light shining brightly as my loved ones take a piece. In my sadness and grief, I've been so held, nourished and loved in ways I never dreamed were possible. While my life has been flipped upside down by death as I grieve harder than I ever have, I feel incredibly grateful, nurtured and am so aware of the abundance of the Universe in my life. I feel loved harder than ever. These are the simultaneous truths that exist in life. The pain is met with incredible love. The LOVE and the PAIN go hand in hand......... And the Pain is what UNITES every human on this planet.

In this esence of connection, I am reminded of an old wise tale that I will paraphrase…….. 

“A woman distraught with grief ran to find the Buddha after her child passed. She pleaded with the Buddha, please please can you bring back my child? I am so distraught with grief I cannot go on. The Buddha replied “I can, but you must go into the village and find one person who has not experienced pain and loss.” The woman ran into the village knocking on every door. She even ran into the surrounding towns desperate to find someone, anyone who had not experienced pain and loss.” 

I've never felt more connected globally to the depth of grief in our world. I am just one of many around the world grieving. While my brother did not die of the Corona Virus, today I am bonded globally with millions. We are ONE, united in our pain and loss. As we grieve let us look for the love.....for it is truly most powerful now.

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