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Healing Feminine Wounds

It was such a blessing to host my first 4M TV show which will be happening regularly now. 4M TV USA is a TV initiative from North America focused on brining awareness to mental health. 4M stands for Mental health, Migration, Multi-language and culture & Mindfulness. We are practicing mindfulness, beyond borders.

It was so exciting to have my first interview with international psychologist Sadaf Lotfalian. Dr. Lotfalian is an international clinical psychologist, educator, facilitator, and social innovator. One of her primary passions involves empowering women to listen to their inner voice, reclaim their own confidence, and make mindful decisions that facilitates their wellbeing. She works with women in her private practice as well as in women’s circles and mentorship spaces that she co-facilitates with collaborators.

In the interview we discussed mindfully navigating feminine wounding and repairing intimate relationships with boundary setting and conscious communication. We touched on women’s mental health and empowerment in a world where a sense of internalized patriarchy, feminine oppression, and toxic masculinity, are dominant.

Here is the link if you would like to tune in and watch :)

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