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People who are comfortable with their real self have learned that they are loved for who they actually are. Along the way they experience major key players in their lives honoring their real self more than demanding their conformed self. A sense of being loved takes root consciously and unconsciously in their awareness of themselves. They know that their real self is fundamentally ok.........Author Unknown

While receiving a treatment the other day, the practitioner asked me.......Do You Love Yourself?....... I have to laugh when someone asks that question......Is the answer really as simple as YES OR NO???? Does anyone really truly love themselves fully, 100 percent of the time???? 

I can’t say that I love anyone or anything 100 percent of the time. I certainly don’t love life everyday. I can't even say that I love my parents everyday......that was especially true during my teenage years........On the flip side...... As a parent, some days it feels difficult to love my child everyday.

Can I actually say that I choose love every single day in my life for everyone around me?????!!!!............NO!!!!!! 

And that’s true for loving myself also.

Over a year ago I wrote vows to love myself ....Surrounded by my dearest friends I spoke my vows out loud making a commitment to love myself...........

Have I kept my vows to myself??? Well many days..... YES! .......And many days.... NO! Let’s face it, what married couple has kept their vows every single day????? 

I have moments where I live out my vows.......Really incredible amazing moments..... Moments where I can say that I absolutely am living them with all of my heart! Are they fleeting????...... Some days! Some days I feel further away than ever.......

Am I perfect with loving my body, my flaws, my insecurities, my emotions, and what arises in me each day! ABSOLUTELY NOT!......

Some days I wish I were less sensitive. Some days I wish I weren’t so emotional. Some days I wish my pants fit better. Some days I wish I had more patience. Some days I wish I were stronger. Some days I wish I managed my anger better. Some days I wish I were a better mother. Some days I wish I were further along in my career. Somedays I wish I hadn’t failed at so many things! 


Some days I look in the mirror and can truly say....... Kara, you are a magical part of the fabric of creation! Thank you for being here and thank you for being you! You add beauty and light to this world in a way that only you can! Some days I stare at my body in the mirror with admiration! Some days I accept and embrace all that is me in this human form. Some days I’m astounded by how I handled a difficult situation with grace and ease that normally would have challenged me. Some days I am filled with immense gratitude that I get to be here and I get to be me!!!!

So do I love myself? Some days..... YES!..... AND... Some days...... NO!....... But I have more YES days than NO days!!! AND to me that counts for something! On my No days I keep going back to that mirror and sitting with myself. I sit with myself and have compassion for myself that today is a No day....If I can acknowledge that I don’t fully love myself today and have compassion for myself...... I’ll take it!

So do I love myself????? SOMETIMES......I believe that our journey to wholeness and self love is a life long process.....But at least I'm on the path......I’ll surely die trying! That’s one thing I know! 

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