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Discovering My Wings

"Through trusting the divine and following my intuition I learned that nothing is out of reach, but you have to do the reaching." -Kara Kihm

Recently I've done the reaching to step into my dreams. After seven years of working on my passion project.......I've published my book. WHEW WEEEEE-WHAT A JOURNEY!!!! After my divorce I discovered that the key to happiness and success is tapping into the voice of our intuition and inner guidance. When I discovered this voice I was led on an incredible journey of self discovery not only across the country, but within myself. I wrote about my adventure in hopes to inspire anyone who is seeking a path towards authenticity. Now, I am celebrating and sharing all the reaching it took to step into this dream.

Wow, that's a lot of pink ;) If you have any interest following my journey here's a description and link..........

From suburban Virginia to wild Alaska, the desert at Burning Man to the lush Sacred Valley of Peru, Kara’s trip is a nonstop adventure and a deep dive into the depths of her soul. Kara’s journey isn’t just a cross-country road trip, it's a constant deconstruction and redefining of identity, from the perfect southern woman to a gritty, fierce, intuition-following adventurer.

Kara was raised with a traditional southern upbringing and Catholic dogma. Growing up she learned to be pretty, sweet, quiet and do whatever it took to make people like her. She married a good provider and moved into the perfect home. She had it all--down to the proverbial white picket fence.

When her marriage fell apart, everything Kara had been taught to want crumbled around her. She stood in the midst of the rubble and rather than crumble too, she decided to redefine it all. What were her passions, dreams, and desires without her perfectly scripted life?

To answer these questions, she sold everything, bought a van, and drove to Alaska with her two dogs. When she discovered the voice of her intuition, it led her on an incredible hero’s journey, not just across the country, but straight into her truest essence.

Travel with Kara as she follows her spirit and leaves behind the part of her that was attached to people-pleasing and looking perfect. In fact, as Kara embraces the vast range of her emotions, it gets downright messy. But as the journey unfolds, Kara’s sense of grit, humor, and passion for life bring her into grace, and the journey ends with her greatest miracle.

As you travel with Kara, you may start to hear your own inner guiding voice, to feel your deepest emotions, and to let your experiences create you as you live them. She is an inspiration for anyone who wants to step away from an old life, old self, and old patterns and discover who you truly are.

What is one thing you can do each day, to reach towards your dreams?

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