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Discover Your Wings First Blog Post

Ok, here we go! I’m coming back to the blogging world for the first time since my daughter Fair’s birth! It’s actually taken me three years to start feeling human again. Eeeekk I made it though and here I am! This blog although tied to my professional website is going to mirror my travel blog for those of you who used to follow along in my adventures as I drove to Alaska alone on a journey of self discovery. I’m no longer at the point where I want to keep my professional life and personal life separate. I’m going to merge these two worlds and shoot once my book comes out my entire life will be splattered all over the place anyways. So this is truly an exercise in claiming ME and all of me! The professional me and the perfectly imperfect human side of me. This blog is going to be similar to KK Butterfly Journey in that I’ll share insights, life lessons, the miracles and magic of life (which is always all around us) hardships, pain, trials and tribulations, and the joy of everyday life! It’s all such an integral part of this wild human experience and our becoming. Expect to see lots of typos and just my stream of consciousness! I’m a recovering overachiever and taking on the lesson that it doesn’t have to be perfect.

So my name is Kara Kihm and I’m an LCSW, but deep down in my heart and soul I’m and author and empowerment coach helping women navigate challenging life transitions such as divorce, mamahood, grief and loss. I love working with people who are experiencing a dark night of the soul and feel as though they have lost their identity! This has actually happened twice in my own life and somehow I've made it through.

I’m a single mother to a beautiful three year old daughter who challenges me daily and reminds me of the range of human emotions that one can feel in a single day or sometimes even in an hour. Motherhood brings me moments of the purest love and bliss I have ever felt as well as moments of the deepest anger and resentment I have ever felt. I have truly tuned into the depths of my humanity in this journey as a mother.

I’m also divorced and that was a wild journey that monumentally changed my life in the most profound ways. I’ve come to realize that our most trying times in life lead to our most beautiful moments in our journey to empowerment. Truly the only way out is through and for me it was about learning to dance in the rain. I am writing a book about my journey through divorce and hope that will be out sooner than later!

I believe that each of us has an inner wisdom always leading and guiding us through the trials of life. When I discovered the power of my intuition, life radically changed! I’m excited to share about that journey as well and post excerpts from my book as I blog!

Thanks so much for following along. You are beautiful, wise, and such an empowered spirit already! Now it’s just time to tap in to what is already inside of you!

Many blessings and so much love!!


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