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About Me

My life has led me on my own journey of healing and self discovery as I have faced unanticipated storms. Following a devastating divorce, I took a sabbatical for one year and I drove from Virginia to Alaska alone, seeking answers and pursuing a desire to return to my essence. As I surrounded myself with nature, I wanted to discover who I was in this new phase of my life. How could I find the blessings given to me in the storm that I faced?  

I discovered that each of us has an inner wisdom leading and guiding us through the trials of life. This is the voice of our intuition. When I followed that guidance, I was led on an incredible journey of self-discovery, and unearthed the most empowered version of myself.


My journey was messy and hard, but it was also beautiful. It took grit, and I learned to open up to grace as I discovered my wings. 


During my travels, I had the opportunity to live in the home of a Reiki master, an experience that shifted my focus from using solely traditional psychotherapy to incorporating energy work. 


Following my personal journey, I settled in Asheville with my daughter and two dogs. I have found that laughter and gratitude are an important part of healing. I have discovered that life is a process, and I have come to trust the journey.


We all have an important and powerful story to share. I just happened to write mine in a book, Discovering My Wings. Writing the story of my adventures and my internal transformation became an important part of my healing process.


I hope my story can be an inspiration to women across the country who are ready to step away from an old self, an old life, and old patterns to discover who they truly are in their essence.


If you’re interested in my cross-country adventure and journey of transformation, read more here.

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