"My entire life can be described in one sentence. 

It didn't go as planned!"

- Rachael Wochin

Regardless of past and present circumstances, we can empower ourselves to achieve a future of hope and happiness.

Kara Kihm

My Credentials

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker, LCSW, N.C 

  • Masters Degree in Social Work

  • Bachelors Degree in Sociology from Roanoke College

  • Certified in Gerontology from Virginia Commonwealth University

  • Certified Reiki Masters Level 

My life has lead me on my own journey of healing and self discovery as I have faced unanticipated storms.  Following a devastating divorce, I took a sabbatical for one year and I drove from Virginia to Alaska alone, seeking answers and pursuing a desire to return to my essence.  As I surrounded myself by nature, I wanted to discover who I was in this new phase of my life.  What were my passions, desires, beliefs, dreams?  How could I find the blessings given to me in the storm that I faced?  


I discovered that each of us has an inner wisdom leading and guiding us through the trials of life.  This is the voice of our intuition.  When I followed that guidance, I was led on an incredible journey of healing and self discovery, and unearthed the most empowered version of myself.  During my travels, I had the opportunity to live in the home of a Reiki master, an experience and partnership that shifted my focus from using solely traditional psychotherapy to incorporating energy work.  


Following my personal journey, I settled in Asheville with my daughter and two dogs.  It's been a blessing to be surrounded by the beauty of the mountains, to participate in the strong community in Asheville, and meet incredibly inspiring people.  As a single mom with a toddler, I have become aware of the challenges in creating balance when life becomes very busy.  I continue to use meditation and Reiki as a personal practice for staying grounded during times of transition.  I enjoy spending time in nature and in the company of dear friends.  I have found that laughter and gratitude are an important part of the healing process. I have discovered that life is a process and I have come to "Trust The Journey."

"I love the person I've become because I've fought hard to become her."

- Kaci Diane