"Butterflies can't see their wings.

They can't see how truly BEAUTIFUL they are,

but everyone else can. "

- Naya Rivera

Transformations are hard, but they can also be beautiful

The changes in life can make you feel overwhelmed,exhilarated, isolated, liberated, confused and everything in between.

I Get It

  • Does life often feel heavy and overwhelming?

  • Would you describe yourself as a very sensitive person?  

  • Do you often feel as though you don't fit in in this world and are misunderstood? 

  • Have you recently struggled with a major life transition that has knocked you to your knees and left you questioning everything? 

  • Do you struggle with who you are supposed to be and how to find your soul's calling?

My name is Kara Kihm and I’m a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Reiki Master. BUT, I prefer to identify as an Intuitive Empowerment Coach. My passion is helping woman step into the fullest expression of themselves as they access their inner wisdom and guidance.


In my own experience, life never seems to go as planned. When the unanticipated storms of life arise, how can we approach these challenging times from an empowered space, not loosing ourselves to victimhood? 


I certainly never planned on getting divorced and never in my wildest dreams would I have ever believed that I would be a single mama. Whew talk about life throwing some curve balls and laughing at my plans.


After serious bouts of depression and anxiety, I reclaimed my life and began to live in a fully empowered space as I accepted my new reality and tapped into the universal current of Intuition.


My passion is now helping women in their journey of self discovery as life shifts and turns leading us down dark roads that we could have never predicted. 

I Will Help You

  • Reclaim your sense of self. 

  • Find the time for self care

  • Utilize resources to help balance your load. 

  • Process the changes in your life.

  • See things in a new light. 

  • Transition through your dark night of the soul from a place of power and grace.

  • Assist you in finding the most empowered version of yourself.

"You must give up the life you planned in order to have the life that awaits you."

- Joseph Campbell